Europan 15
Collaborators: Lea Scherer, Manfred Scheibelreiter, Lauritz Bohne

A new public topography will be implemented to connect the strategic site and the city. Through five corridors traffic will be dissolved and the new social layer will create a new public figure across the strategic site – a human scale in the largely grained productive field. One corridor permeates the new production hub and becomes a public boulevard running through the logistical informed ground floor. To generate a highly flexibel system for a variety of programs – a democratic field – in the upper level, bigger programs are stacked in Towers. The field is organised by its infrastructure and will democratise the process of production. By sharing of machinery and software, space and expertise it will facilitate to educate and integrate people for a new economy and social sustainability.

URBAN PRINCIPLES for operations on the strategic site are defined as: Link, Scale, Organize and Share

ARCHITECTURAL PRINCIPLES for operations on the architectural level are defined as: Find, Juxtapose, Democratize, Negotiate and Densify