BELT was founded in 2021 by Evelyn Temmel and Bernhard Luthringshausen. Following our joint studies until 2011, we embarked on numerous projects together before establishing our office in Vienna.

Our focus lies on the interaction of social changes and the impact of socio-political guiding principles on built space and the associated transformation of building typologies. 
Our projects range from urban planning and architecture to interventions in and with existing structures.

Katharina Urbanek, studio urbanek, Wien
Gordon Selbach, Wien
Hubert Riess, Graz
StudioVlayStreeruwitz, Wien
Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur
Andreas Boden, studio boden, Graz
Winkler Landschafts Architektur, Seeboden
NMPB Architekten, Wien
SI Landschaftsarchitektur
Mair-Paar Büro für Architektur